Advisors’ corners

When we received the invitation to participate in Zed Academy’s “dream career” project, the first reaction was a trepidation that “what do we really know about the current realities of the milieu there” and “can our experience really be effective there”.

But then we realized that the experience we gained and the lessons we have learnt during the nearly thirty-five years we have studied, worked, lived, grown and are now trying to give back to communities in the Silicon Valley area in California also taught us that the power of curious, eager and ready minds are really not very different across geographies, cultures and societies.

The tools of empowerments such minds need is remarkably similar. Dedicated nurturing and committed support from caring agencies open the magic doors to opportunities near and far. Be they family, community, a caring teacher, a role model from the neighbourhood or a newly forming dedicated institute like ZAcademy, they can provide the beacons which can light up the pathways towards greater achievements for self, community and in the process, wider humanity.

While we will remain continuously engaged in growing the science and businesses we are associated with, we have for some time sincerely felt that what we do are not just about our personal dreams and aspirations anymore. At some point our dreams have also become part of an eco-system which is committed to providing resources which have been proven to accelerate college and career readiness for students across geographies, societies and developmental indices.

We wish Zed Academy all the success in their noble endeavour which unquestionably faces formidable challenges – trust and duty-to-care are not easily achieved. We feel genuinely honoured to be given a chance to make a humble contribution to this great effort through our advice and guidance.

Mitra Datta Ray