Co founder Note

The first time I had the chance to discuss the ingenious idea of an academy that aims to benefit talent in semi-urban & rural areas, I was moved. I asked myself if this was something I really wanted to do and before I knew, I was already invested in the nit and grit of the project.

I have grown up to be someone who nurture values that advocate aid and improvement in society, not just through my profession but also in general. Throughout my experience, I have observed these upliftments and the opportunities to do so are somehow limited to the urban audience. Deep inside, I always felt for the talented but the deprived lot of the mass and to be able to do something for them just seemed right. As a responsible citizen, it rather knocked me as a priority. Finally, a project came up to me that I was honestly enthusiastic about and what better than providing education for the generation that will shape the future. Moreover, it gives me joy to be able to reach out to those who are in desperate need despite their merit and zeal.

Given the beauty of the academy ’s vision, it’s infrastructure, resources and a great team,our dream is not far from translating into reality. Also,I strongly believe in “The secret of getting ahead is getting started…Mark Twain”. Therefore,I wish for the love and support from everyone to start our mission and vision with great spirit and make Zed Academy a finest example of success.

Dr. Sandip Ray