About Us

As the very thought of setting up Zed Academy brewed in my mind, it took me back to the memory lane of those of my student days. I grew up in a remote village of Murshidabad and experienced the pangs of poverty from an early age. Despite many problems, I humbly believe that my determination,focus and the spirit of working hard helped me succeed to some extent in life. Now,having encountered life from both ease and hardship,I often feel there are so many opportunities awaiting for someone like me who might be missing out on right guidance and support. Afterall,in reality,there are so many talented students in our remote rural areas who possess all the necessary qualities in them to reach greater heights in life and yet fail to succeed. If observed keenly,this happens largely due to poor guidance,lack of timely coaching,proper resources,expert advice etc. In return,many dreams remain unfulfilled or result in mediocrity.

I advocate the possibilities of such talents who has great potential to shape their future and only require the minimum support as any other privileged student of this generation.We as a team believe that nothing in life is impossible if we do it with integrity and passion combined with hard work .At ZED ACADEMY, we are aiming to select around 40 meritorious students of class 10 in 2019 and prepare them 24×7 with residential facility to clear NEET which will enable them to get admission to a good Medical College in India. This is our first step and we plan to do the same in future for selection to good Engineering colleges through JEE. We are also planning to expand our existing Nursery-cum-Primary School (Little Flower School– Dise Code:19070612203 ) in near future to a secondary residential/day boarding school in this location.

I heartily welcome you to take part in this beautiful shared dream and keep rolling towards success with this echoing in mind that -“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’’- Eleanor Roosevelt.

M. A. Zaman
Founder & CEO