Why residential system is required for NEET coaching?

Focused/one on one guidance:

Being available on campus around the clock will allow both teachers and students interact more frequently,discuss problems and find ways to work rigorously on difficult study matter that needs special concentration outside the limited time in the classroom.This thorough interactive sessions will allow teachers to point out any student who is lagging behind and allocate special attention and guidance towards them in order to improve.

Less Distraction:

In today’s chaotic environment, it’s often difficult to maintain our focus and work hard at the same time. Distractions could creep in right from having younger siblings around to frequently visiting relatives, neighbors to developing other unproductive habits like watching TV, constant internet surfing and browsing etc. In a residential school, the vigilant and expert in house warden/supervisor would make sure that no such distractions hinder their concentration during their study time. Additionally, the quiet and tranquil surroundings of the compound would set the right mood for studying.

Competitive atmosphere:

The spirit to compete and become successful roots from constant upliftment and encouragement. Staying alongside other competitive peers and observing their devotion often triggers others to stay ahead of their game. It’s not possible to recreate a similar atmosphere in a homely setting. For example, on certain days when a student feels less motivated, there is always someone next to their bed who is up and working hard. This will help boost their ‘keep going’ attitude in the longer run.


In a residential school system, students learn to plan their day around the clock as everything has it’s set time. Right from having breakfast on time to attending classes to going to bed is regulated and one will miss out if they don’t catch up with these timed activities. These small yet daily crucial habits shape and mould their disciplinary attitude and it’ll reflect in their personality.


The accessibility of resources for a student is of utmost importance. From day to day study notes to learning new skills, one must be provided with necessary resources. Being on campus makes this process easier as there is always someone to help out, be it a friend or teacher. The fluid exercise of exchanging knowledge, skills and other information will not only help them in their present circumstances but also help them navigate their future career path and goals.


A home might be always the closest place to someone but it might not necessarily provide the right environment for a healthy upbringing. From the spacious playground, comfortable dorms, good nutrition to the lush greenery surrounded campus etc. makes it a perfect enclosure for a student to spend their vital years in order to achieve what they aim for.

Why the campus at Sargachi location?

The campus located right on NH-34 at Sargachi is situated right at the midpoint of accessible routes from different major places and just 8 kms from Berhampore. NH-34 highway connects it by making it travel friendly through buses, nearby train stations and personal vehicles. As we aim to welcome students and staffs from all the major districts,we made it a point to serve a location that’s worth coming and staying in a residential format.The place is of 50 cottah booming with lush greenery making it serene and ideal for a project of this scale.We have residential plots right in front of the campus and extended Ramakrishna mission on the right hand side of the compound blocking it from the bustling highway and other distractions. Keeping in mind,the future expansions,the search for such a stretched piece of land ended here as it met all the requirements to build Zed Academy.

A student’s well-being is pivotal to us and therefore we kept no stone unturned in order to set up the right infrastructure.This place strikes the right balance as eco friendly and peri-urban for an educational institution. We hope to make it feel like home and make the stay worthy as we all labour on to succeed.This keeps us trying hard to provide the quality right from safety,management and training.

We are aiming to invest more in future to meet the standards and expectations and as we take each step towards that dream, we ought to think as “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest -Sir Benjamin Franklin.”